A-1. Gyoza (chicken) $6.65

Japanese deep fried dumplings with chicken (6pcs)

A-2. Gyoza (Vegetable) $5.00

Japanese deep fried dumplings with vegetable (6pcs) 

A-3. Eda Mame $4.00

Boiled soybeans served in a pod

A-4. Gomae $6.00

Boiled spinach with sesame dressing   

A-5. Tofu Gomae $6.50

Gomae topped with tofu

A-6. Asparagus Butter $6.00

Baby asparagus sautéed in butter

A-7. Asparagus Beef Maki $7.50

Sliced beef rolled with asparagus  with teriyaki sauce 

A-8. Negi Maki  $7.50

Sliced beef rolled with scallions with teriyaki sauce

A-9. Yakitori $6.00

Skewers of chicken, green pepper & onions, grilled with teriyaki sauce

A-10. Kaki Fry $7.50

Deep fried oysters served with sweet sauce

A-11. Hotate Fry $8.00

Deep fried scallops served with sweet sauce(5pcs)

A-12. Hotate Butter Yaki $8.00

Pan fried fresh scallops with sauce & lemon(5pcs)    

A-13. Boiled squid $6.00

With special sauce

A-14. Soft Shell Crab $9.50

Deep fried soft shell crab served with ponzu sauce

A-15. Hiyayakko $4.50

Cold tofu served with special sauce on the side

A-16 Agedashi Tofu $5.00

Deep fried tofu with special sauce

A-17. Seaweed Salad $4.50

Assorted seaweed marinated in red pepper & sesame dressing   

A-18. Tempura – Dipped in a light batter then deep fried

Vegetables (6pcs)     $5.50

Shrimp (3 Pieces)     $7.50

Tempura combo (1 pc shrimp & 6 pcs vegetable)   $8.50