(Served w/ soup & rice)

MC-1. Tempura (dipped in a light batter then deep fried)

Vegetable   $12.00

Shrimp (5pieces)   $15.00

Tempura Combo   $16.00

MC-2. Chicken Teriyaki $13.00

chicken breast grilled w/ teriyaki sauce

MC-3. Beef Teriyaki $16.00

Beef grilled w/ teriyaki sauce

MC-4. Salmon Teriyaki $16.00

salmon grilled w/ teriyaki sauce

MC-5. Yakiniku $16.00

slice beef w/ special soy sauced w/ vegetables

MC-6. Ton Katsu $15.00

deep fried pork w/ katsu sauce on the side

MC-7. Chicken Katsu $15.00

deep chicken w/ katsu sauce on the side

MC-8. Fish Katsu $15.00

deep fried tilapia w/ katsu sauce on the side

MC-9. Katsu Don $14.00

deep fried pork, onion, scallion & egg cooked in sauce in a rice bowl

MC-10. Oyakko Don $14.00

deep fried chicken, onion, scallion & egg cooked w/ sauce in bowl

MC-11. Kyu Don $14.00